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This is the latest release from virtuosic bluesman David Gogo. Quite simply a sizzling, hard rocking blues album filled with heavy grooves, grit and emotion.

Opening with Elmore James' classic blues shuffle 'Please Find My Baby' and closing with Procol Harum's 'Whiskey Train' Soul Bender features five original songs and five covers, all benefiting from David's unique interpretation.

Recorded in his hometown of Nanaimo, this album is as close to seeing him live as it gets and is another important chapter in the evolution of a great guitarist.

Genre - Blues/Rock

Track Listing:

1. Please Find My Baby (3:34)
(E. James)
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2. Slow It Down (4:01)
(D. Gogo, J Riley, T. Tweeton, D. Paxton)
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3. Was It Love (3:23)
(W. Porteous)
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4. Time Is Killing Me (5:01)
(D. Gogo)
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5. I Found A Love (4:12)
(W. Pickett, W. Schofield, R. West)
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6. The Changeling (4:06)
(J. Densmore, R. Krieger, H. Manzarek, J. Morrison)
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7. Gettin' Old (3:08)
(D. Gogo)
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8. The Way You Make Me Feel (4:03)
(M. Jackson)
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9. Do You Know How It Feels? (3:20)
(D. Gogo)
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10. Whiskey Train (5:37)
(R. Trower, K. Reid)
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Soul Bender



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6 24481 00942 2

Manufactured by:
Cordova Bay Entertainment Group

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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