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"...a standing ovation for David Gogo's Vibe."
Charlie Gray - Blues Free Press (UK)

"This big-sounding record is impressive." - 4 1/2 Stars (out of 5)
Ottawa Citizen

"...a commanding singer and crack guitarist."

"...it's meatier efforts like Hit Me From Above and Silk And Stone that should get your attention, bringing to mind The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Meanwhile, Gogo shows his softer side on such bluesy Robert Cray-like ballads as I'd Do Anything and Something Ain't Right."
Toronto Sun

"...is showing early signs of being the disc that could make him a household name with the nation's hard-rock fans."
Peter North/Edmonton Journal - Edmonton, AB

"David Gogo has hit the perfect balance of rock and blues, while creating an individual sound that is uniquely his own. Vibe is an excellent example of why David Gogo is one of Canada's hottest recording artists, and promises to be such for years to come."
Terry Parsons/CHMR FM - St. John's, NF

"Gogo has emerged as a musician in the mold of John Haitt: a roots belter comfortable cranking out Memphis Soul (I'd Do Anything), Crescent City swamp shuffles (Silk and Stone), sturdy country (Hey Juanita) and grinding Stones-like rock 'n' roll (Love In The City) with a newfound sense of authority."
Ottawa Xpress

"...demonstrates why Gogo is still at the top of his game, be it blues, rock, soul or any combo of the three."
Jason MacNeil - All Music Guide

Love In The City (Vibe)

"The song, which he co-wrote with Blackie and the Rodeo Kings' Tom Wilson, who also helped out on vocals, may well be the best Rolling Stones song that Jagger and Richards have never heard."
Peter North/Edmonton Journal - Edmonton, AB

"Could David Gogo and Tom Wilson actually be twin brothers mistakenly separated at birth?? Vocally and stylistically these two are perfectly matched. It's an inspired collaboration!"
Kath Thompson/106.9 The Bear - Ottawa, ON

Live At Deer Lake

" This is the REAL DEAL with Gogo and Band at their best!!!! Put this album in your CD player with the volume at "loudest" and David Gogo is playing in your Living Room!!! This is a must have record for every blues-rock fan!!"
Ton Wanten - Triple R Blues Radio (Holland)

"It's raw, it's lively & it's a fine piece of work... This album gives a no-frills insight into Gogo's talent... live recordings don't lie, that's one reason why I love them & another reason is that with headphones cranked up it's just like being there... try it you WILL like it."
Colin Everett - bluesfreepress.org.uk

"This CD contains a great mix of David's own compositions and covers and serves to demonstrate that the skill and power that is present on his studio recorded material is, if anything, even greater in a live situation. If you liked his studio CDs you will love this live one and even if you have not heard the previous CDs this is one hell of a good live introduction."
Ashwyn Smyth - Blues Matters

"David Gogo is a West Coast bluesman who has worked tirelessly to build an audience for his brand of the blues, gradually making inroads across the entire country from constant gigging and a prolific five-album catalogue. Last year’s Maple Blues Guitarist of the Year has this year’s distinction of Deer Lake being nominated for a 2004 Juno, only to have the honour retracted over a bungled eligibility issue. The resulting press drew more attention than a Juno ever would but the fiasco is Juno’s loss, since this “bootleg” does a superb job of summing up what Gogo is all about. Originally a “live” blues radio recording, its release stems from fan-based pressure, augmented by two additional “unofficial” recordings. Deer Lake finds Gogo as less of a front-man and more of a band player and the songs are the better for it. Of course, Gogo’s scorching blues rock guitar remains at the core of his music and his powerful vocals have come to earn equal billing on such soulful numbers as James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s World” — melding R&B to blues rock with true conviction. But songs like Muddy Waters’ “Louisiana Blues” and his own “Skeleton Key” showcase a hardworking crew in top fighting form, with a driving rhythm section and exceptional B3 contributions from Brendan Hedley. Gogo uses this solid platform as springboard for his aggressive style but has also learned to sit back and enjoy the groove. You can hear it on Deer Lake and it’s a mature recording that only teases at what is to come."
Eric Thom - Exclaim!

Halfway to Memphis

"Gogo is an upper tier guitarist whose brand of blues/rock will hit you in the chin with the force of a Clark Kent uppercut."

"Whoa! Hot stuff."
Andrew Tucker - Time Off, Australia

"...excellent songwriting talent and brilliant guitar style."
David Blue - NetRhythms.co.uk

"There is a new blues-rocker on the scene and he comes screaming and wailing like a banshee."
Tim Holek - Blues On Stage

"...from the moment track one grabs you by the throat you will be putty in David Gogo's hands."

"If you're looking for some good old bourbon-drinkin', bar-brawlin', cigarette-smokin', balls-to-the-wall blues, then Halfway to Memphis is the album for you."
J.W. Myles - City View

OK.... Holy **##@@# %*#@ I am wiggin out over the new Gogo. Obviously I will be playing this a lot."
Storman Norman - Sunday Blues (Rock 101)

"(Halfway to Memphis) is fantastic. I love this cd."
Ron Markham - 104.9 the BUZZ

"'Halfway to Memphis' top track: James Brown's This is a Man's World. Intense!"
Tom Hyslop - Blues Revue Magazine

" With ease and grace, [Gogo] blends the emotion of blues and the spirit of rock into a format that is a joy to the ear."
Galina Pembroke - Mind's Eye

"...brilliant guitar solos...brightly performed...GREAT!"
Vicente Zúmel - La Hora del Blues, Spain (translated)

Great new blues from super hot guitarist David Gogo."
John Bates - Views on the Blues, Australia

"Gogo was named Musician of the Year at the 2000 West Coast Music Awards, evidence of which abounds on the exquisitely produced and maniacally performed Halfway to Memphis, the best of Gogo's young career -- a record whose feel is as swampy as the city it harkens back to."
Mike Devlin - Victoria Times-Colonist

"For fans of electric blues, it gets no better than this."
Brant Zwicker - Kamloops This Week

"His sound is deep, complete, authoritative and blue."
Arthur Shuey - Word on the Street

"Best played at maximum volume!"
Eric Black - Blue Country 101FM, Australia

"Occasionally, very occasionally, a performer comes along whose natural talent is so obvious you almost have to seal it in a container to avoid is leaking out all over the place."
Keith Sharp - Impact Magazine

"David Gogo has found his own voice in the blues, and he's got something to say."
Gary Preston - Blues Scene Quarterly

"He doesn't mince strings or wank with words. He's got their breaking point nailed down, abusing only the calluses on his fingertips and larynx."
Barry Newman - Cosmic Debris

"That his own work stands shoulder to shoulder with classics like Muddy Waters' Rollin' and Tumblin' or Willie Dixon's Wang Dang Doodle is testimony to the authenticity of Gogo's capabilities."
Warren Footz, See Magazine

"The title may be Halfway to Memphis, but this album goes 'all the way'..."
Marie Leppard - CanEHdian.com

"The man is dynamite on his guitar and he sings with conviction."
Simon Aguilar - KYNR

"A killer!"
Backstreets Review, Italy

"Actually, every song on this album, whether original or cover, is a classic."
Arthur Shuey - Word on the Street

"…the star of the show is very much Gogo, who excels at laying down potent riffs and licks to accompany his singing."
Benoît Brière - BluesBytes

"Gogo shows why he is considered one the finest blues guitarists...an equal mix of style and substance, alternating between straight-ahead boogie rock and blues standards with a few forays of fancy fretwork thrown in for effect."
Tom Davies - Cosmic Debris

"I'm no expert on guitar technique, but at a minimum I'm certain there's frequent use of a wah-wah pedal and wammy bar, manipulation of various audio controls, and occasional physical abuse of the guitar's structural components. While that's a lot of activity, I'm not sure these techniques alone can account for the wild variety of tones and sounds heard during Gogo's solos."
Herman Nieuwendaal - ElectricBlues.com

"The type of music that makes you wish you were cruisin' down the highway with the top down."
Ken McGrath - Sorted magAZine, Ireland

"Gogo's version of James Brown's This Is A Man's World on the Halfway to Memphis CD is a beauty - not far from masterpiece. Truly hair-raising!"
Jean-C Bernard - amazon.fr, France (translated)

"A blistering guitar player,"
Kirby - See Magazine

"Gogo pours his heart out with his guitar and voice."
Blues Revue Magazine

"Halfway to Memphis is the recorded synthesis of Gogo's work. In it he revives, simply and with much talent, the James Brown soul hit This Is A Man's World by putting his own stamp on it. The blues are powerful here - the slides are relevant and the voice is an integral instrument."
Zicline France (translated)

"Acoustic blues leaves no room for pretenders, and (on Bare Bones) Gogo bares his soul to show that he's a true bluesman to the bone."
Dan Verkerke - www.minor7th.com

"Gogo wrote three of the tunes including Halfway to Memphis which shows he is capable of the very difficult task of writing a blues tune without sounding like an 80-year-old from Chicago."
Jeff Holubitsky - Penguin Eggs

"...could have been a stand-up comedian if he hadn't decided on pursuing a career in music."
Peter North - The Edmonton Journal