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David Gogo

Come On Down (2013)

"Vancouver Island's Gogo is hands-down one of the very best Canadians at getting the big, groove-fueled blues sound, whether it's the flat-out rockers or smooth mid-tempo sounds. His expert guitar playing always slices through, and there's a joy and a party vibe to his sound, especially on this new album, his 13th...."Call Your Name" is a big, fun cut, what would have been a hit single back when this kind of classic groove was allowed on radio. This is the one that will get the hands waving at outdoor festivals this summer."
Bob Mersereau - Top 100 Canadian Blog

"With "Come On Down", David Gogo shows us all that he is not prepared to rest on his laurels with past successes as he gives us another killer release...Considered by many, including myself, as being one of the best Blues Rockers out there, David Gogo certainly doesn't let us down with "Come On Down", in fact what he again does, so brilliantly, is getting us up and rocking to his super infectious grooves.
5*****, yet again, for another super album from David Gogo. "Come On Down" is, for sure, one of the best Canadian releases in the category of Blues Rock and Rock 'n' Roll for 2013, so far. A one, two punch, that will knock you out... "
John Vermilyea - Blues Underground Network

"If you're looking for kick ass driving into the sunset music, this album is for you...I highly recommend this album to anyone who is looking for easy listening, groove music."
Christy Somos - Velvet Rope Magazine

"I just received a copy of the newest release, Come On Down, by David Gogo and it's a rocker. "
Bman - Bman's Blues Report

Christmas With The Blues (2012)

"This recording is easily the best blues Christmas album of the year and one of the best Christmas albums by a solo artist in many years."
Chip Eagle - BluesWax Weekly

"Putting together a dream team of his favourite West Coast players, Gogo went deep into the vaults for blues numbers both well-known and obscure. Plus he added a couple of his originals to truly make it a challenge. What you get is a classic blues album, Christmas or not."
Bob Mersereau - Top 100 Canadian Blog

"Now David Gogo would certainly not have been my first thought as someone whom would of put out a Christmas Album, in fact he never thought he would either, never the less, he has and boy it quickly has become a favorite around here this Christmas Season and will for many more to come..."Christmas With The Blues" is hands down a Blues Music Fans Christmas Dream come true and the perfec gift for your Blues Lovin' Loved One, whether you have already bought all your gifts or not.
5***** for "Christmas With The Blues"... It a Beauty... Heck even Santa would love it..."
John Vermilyea - Blues Underground Network

"I just received the new David Gogo release, Christmas With The Blues, and it's really cool. Unlike many seasonal recordings where it's mostly campy redos of traditional tracks, Gogo sets a new table with blues tracks about Christmas....This is a CD that if you want blues music any time during the year, this will work. The guitar and playing is that strong."
Bman - Bman's Blues Report

"Gogo here eschews his usual aggressive attack for a lean, clean take on some holiday surprises, with a handful of originals to help make his Christmas parcel distinct from the rest...All in all a wonderful antidote to the saccharine sweetness of most holiday offerings, this is a fine collection that, lyrics aside, would hold up well at any time of the year. Excellent stuff!"
John Taylor - Blinded By Sound

Soul Bender (2011)

"Canadian blues guitarist David Gogo has been largely overlooked by American blues fans, but has built a loyal European audience on the basis of better than a half-dozen studio albums featuring his fluid, imaginitive fretwork. Gogo made his bones as a teen, opening for such heavy-hitters as Johnny Winter, Buddy Guy, and the Fabulous Thunderbirds, and as an award-winning solo artist, he's never been afraid to tip blues conventions on their pointy li' head. Case in point, Soul Bender..."
Reverend Keith A. Gordon - About.com Blues Guide

"Soul Bender has all the trademarks of a fine blues LP. Riffs, hooks and wicked solos. It's the latest from Dave Gogo (a name so nice we say it twice). Frankly, Dave sings and plays so effortlessly some may take him for granted. Not me and not this time. Just listen to Wilson Pickets I Found a Love. Sublime and sensational."
Terry David Mulligan - CKUA Radio

"Tape down the breakables and for God's sake strap yourselves down, this is one blues album that is destined to set the night on fire! "
John Kereiff - Host: Recordland, Rossland Radio

"One noteworthy track can be found in 'The Way You Make Me Feel'. Those skeptical of seeing a Michael Jackson cover on a blues album will be pleasantly surprised to find some fantastic B.B. King style licks, a B3 backing, horn section and shuffle beat. It's certainly a challenge for an artist to 'own' a song made famous by the king of pop, but David accomplishes it in fine form. Gogo's version of 'I Found A Love' has a strong southern rock & soul sound, with an echoing guitar and soul-dripping vocals....Whether he set out to display is musically diverse skill or not, he accomplished it. There's more than enough diversity in Soul Bender to please most anybody."
Matt Marshall - Amercian Blues Scene

"I will be the first to admit that I really haven't followed David Gogo's music. Sure I knew he was a great guitarist and performer, especially after seeing him play at our local Blues Club a few years back, but basically that was the extent of it. Well that was the extent of it until I had the good fortune of receiving his newest album 'Soul-Bender' in the mail for review and then all hell broke loose to the point now that I simply cannot get enough of that amazing release and it has become a absolute must listen to album on my days off. One could now easily say that I have officially become Gogofied."
John Vermilyea - Blues Underground Network

"...David Gogo always stands out. His albums don't sound like others, and he knows how to rock. This album just jumps at you, with plenty of great guitar...Gogo proves himself to be an excellent curator, choosing great and almost forgotten tracks from such surprising sources as Procol Harum, The Doors and Wilson Pickett. Oh, and did I mention the Michael Jackson cover? That's what makes Gogo so enjoyable. He takes Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel, leans into the groove and makes it his own...Gogo is full of life, volume, and ideas, and makes his blues vital."
Bob Mersereau - CBC / Top 100 Canadian Singles

"I first saw Western Canadian blues guitarist and singer-songwriter David Gogo at the excellently programmed Windsor Blues Festival in Canada a few summers back. He made a good impression as a live performer then, and he makes an even better impression now on Soul Bender, his 11th release...This album includes just four of his original songs, but the guitar playing and singing throughout is top-shelf...If you weren't a convert to David Gogo's great talent as a singer, song-writer, guitarist, and bandleader before, you will be after listening to Soul Bender. One wishes more U.S. blues festival bookers were hip to him."
Richard J. Skelly - BluesReview.com

"Gogo's mastery of his instrument is best showcased on slower tunes, such as 'Time is Killing Me' and 'The Way You Make Me Feel,' not so much because it shows his technical ability to perform, but because it shows that Gogo truly knows what to play and when to play it."
Nik Rodewald - Blues Rock Review

David Gogo

Skeleton Key

"Gogo distinguishes himself as not only a fiery guitarist, but also as a world-class slide player.....he is as soulful a singer as he is guitarist."
Art Tipaldi - Senior Writer Blues Revue/BluesWax

"From tortured blues and sweet soul music to blistering boogie and slinky shuffles, Gogo gets it right in 'Skeleton Key'."
Eric Thom - Exclaim!

"Another winner for David Gogo! 'Skeleton Key' is sure to please blues and rock fans alike."
Rob Robson - CBC's Galaxie Music Network

"Canadian archetypal Blues-rocker David Gogo has a new album poised for release and it's a MONSTER. When delivery of 'Skeleton Key' reaches your local store it will probably arrive in an armoured truck with a heavily armed police escort. Watch out, watch out coz Gogo's about!"

"David has grown tremendously, especially in the last 2-3 years, but this disc truly is his long-anticipated arrival. 5 bottles (stars) for an excellent blues/rock disc that's a Juno nominee for sure."
Andy Grigg - Real Blues Magazine

"We were blown away by the intensity and passion that Gogo delivers in every song on 'Skeleton Key'. The tracks are not only radio friendly, they are also very contagious. 'Personal Jesus' was an instant add."
Rudy Chase - 106.9 The Wolf

"On this 55 minute, 15 track disc, Gogo matures as a musician and songwriter. Half of the content is original material. Even though the non-originals are performed with Gogo’s own twists, his songwriting has become so strong that covers are no longer required."
Tim Holek - CanadianBlues.ca

"David Gogo dazzles us with his guitar brilliance once again. This is definitely a world class record."
SeaHen - Canadian-Music.com

"Fabulous! I shall be playing this one loads."
Ashwyn Smyth - Digital Blues (UK)

"...a great album worth tracking down."
County Times & Express (Wales)

"David's guitar playing sings and stings with every bit as much emotional authority as Jimi, Stevie and early Eric. I love it!"
Bill Henderson (Chilliwack)

"...this CD belongs in everyone's collection, buy it and NEVER lend it out!"
Judge Jones - bluesfreepress.org

"My personal favorite is without a doubt 'Belgian Moon', this song is just flat out in your face kick ass blues rock at it's best. Get this CD now. Don't wait you will regret it!"
John Bandit - Bandit Blues Radio

"The minute I put 'Skeleton Key' on I reached for the volume control and cranked it way up. I didn't turn it down 'till the very last song. Once again... WOW! More evidence of what a monster talent David really is. It SPARKLES, crackles and smokes. Killer band, great songs."
Storman Norman - Sunday Blues - Rock 101

"Gogo's consistently tasty and ever inventive guitar work is always a treat to hear and 'Skeleton Key' unleashes even more blues wizardry from this amazing artist."
Barry Newman - Cosmic Debris

"...highlights include the rocking 'Stay Away From My Home' with its harp solo, the excellent Stax-like original 'Skeleton Key' and a fine new arrangement of 'Reap What You Sow'..."
John Valenteyn - MapleBlues Magazine

"...truly one of Canada's most unique and exceptional talents. Witness his menacing version of Depeche Mode's 'Personal Jesus' on his latest CD 'Skeleton Key'. It is arguably better than the original."
Sammy Kohn - Canadian Music Network

"I'd swear Albert has came back to haunt us when I listen to 'Backstroke'. Hebe PROUD o the boy!"
Storman Norman - Sunday Blues - Rock 101

"I just got my advance copy of 'Skeleton Key'. David has become like a fine wine. If there is a structure of the BLUES that he doesn't understand he hides it well. Again David plays some great obscure covers but he also has done a great job writing his own material. From the funk to the Chicago to the soul, Gogo has covered all bases. This is the Feel Good Album Hit of the Summer."
Kevin Doyle - 100.3 CKMS FM

"The songs on 'Skeleton Key', a blistering mix of electric originals and covers, allow Gogo to stretch out and show the talent he's been honing and displaying since he was a teenager growing up in Nanaimo."
Mike Bell, Calgary Sun

"David's new album absolutely kicks ass. I suspect you're going to be hearing David all over plenty of radios this summer."
Scott James - 100.3 - The Q FM

"'Skeleton Key" could be the one that breaks Gogo worldwide."
Terry David Mulligan - Mulligan Stew CKUA

"Gogo's vocals are, yet again, as unmistakable as ever, raw yet filled with emotion. Close your eyes and return to that same run down, dusty, whiskey bar that he's brought you to so many times before."
Ken McGrath - Sorted Magazine (Dublin)

Other Quotes

David is a great blues player. I like his style!"
Johnny Winter

"....a player of genuine blues pedigree"
The Buffalo News

"...volcanic guitarist, quite mesmerizing when he attacks."
Geoff Chapman - Toronto Star

"If there was a list of the best guitar players in Canada, David Gogo, would be on that list."
The Winnipeg Free Press

"Being a good Canadian, let me give you my Three Star selections from this year's Thunder Bay Blues Festival . . .and this year's First Star was Nanaimo BC's own David Gogo. He turned a massive outdoor venue into his personal sound room and filled it with a brilliant musical personality.You come to festivals like this one for the Buckwheat Zydecos and the Dickey Bettses, yet the great pleasure comes from someone like Gogo who plays in the middle of a rainy afternoon and leaves even the musicians going 'Wow!'"
Hubert O'Hearn - Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal

"Soaring atop a cyclone of Hammond organ swirls, Texas-style guitar-slinger Dave Gogo is equally at home with both heartfelt ballads and groovin' blues rockers. Reminiscent at times of Johnny Winter and ZZ Top - only Gogo sings better."
Adrian Chamberlain - Victoria Times-Colonist

"I doubt there is another blues guitarist around at the moment who can speak through their instrument quite like David Gogo can. This is music that demands attention and respect in an age of disposable pop covers. Modern blues at its best."
Ken McGrath - Sorted magAZine, Ireland

"Gogo's forte here is his searing attack that stays respectful (barely) but pushes things right to the edge."
Norman Provencher - Ottawa Citizen

"I just had a vision of David Gogo, 40 years from now, being one of the biggest blues players in the future."
Fish Griwkowsky - Edmonton Sun

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